WTF Love?

Eventually the sweetest bliss will turn into regret
Until the mind learns to forget

It seems so easy to learn hate and so hard to learn love
People turn to fantasies or something high above
Reality just melt away
Is it replaced by pain
So take a little poison now and gently go insane

Just close your eyes and ignore La la La la your brain

All you need to do is learn to love
Recall everything that you dream of
Before fear came to tear up your heart
And heat started tearing you apart

Just remember what it felt like when someone held you close
Just remember what it felt like when you love someone most
Just remember what it felt like when you believed in love
And dared to live the dreams you now just dream of

Just remember what it felt like to just hold someone’s hand
Just remember what it felt like to believe someone could understand
Everything you were feeling that made you who you are
And dared to share it all and not just wish upon a star

I don’t want to take anything from you
I don’t want to tell you what is true
I don’t want to tell you what to do
I just want you to remember love
Yaba daba
Scooby Doobie
koo oo ka choo
Woo woo woo woo woo

Tommy can you hear me
The Jo Jo never got back
to where he once belonged...
(still gonna carry that weight
a long time)

The very first time you heard the words
I love you
Do you remember how it felt
Did your heart ever really melt
Would you have done anything
Let me hear you sing

Yeah, well...

I got tired of listening to all that crap on YouTube
So I decided to make my own little rap on YouTube
I don’t even have anything to say
There’s not even any music to play
But somehow I just want to go zap on YouTube

There are plenty of members by few subscribers
Just like there are plenty of soldiers but few survivors
That’s what life is like in these modern times
You don’t have to say much as long as it rhymes

In a world filled with hate
There’s a little room for love
So people learn to wait
For something up above
Just giving up on life
For the promise of tomorrow
Just give up happiness
And except sorrow
And live with sorrow

Everybody’s waiting for something that hasn’t happened yet
You wait long enough at all you’re left with his regret
But that’s OK because the man learns to forget
Can you start again and you start again getting wet

They say people who need people used to be lucky
But that was when kids were happy with the rubber ducky
Today we can’t consume enough to make us happy
And nothing brings us peace so we settle for crappy

So here I am adding my crap on this YouTube
I want to put myself on the map here on this YouTube
And if you don’t like my rap here on this new tube
Then you can just feel my zap on this YouTube

And you don’t have to download my app on this new YouTube

You could just be another snap on this YouTube

I think it’s time for my nap on this YouTube

Will you sleep with me?
Will you wake with me?
Will you....

Don't forget
Don't regret
just because it hasn't happened yet