Loneliness On Steriods

Desperation is a dangerous level of unfulfilled desire (though desperation could be fear or other emotions and that could be just as dangerous, maybe even more, but in this case the desperation reference relates to unfulfilled desire to share which leads to a desperate loneliness). If may be that one of the possible meanings for the name of this blog was borne of that loneliness, that desperation to share a meaningful one-on-one relationship with someone who wants to to be in a partnership for fun and activities and maybe even life (which is what I want, but I will be absolutely thrilled to find a daily partner for fun and activities if a full complete life partner is not findable at the moment. The question becomes how. How to throw caution to the winds in a way that might help me fnd the one (life partner) or at least the fun and activity partner. Any ideas?

Maybe posting this on a more public forum? Obviously, but how and where? Facebook sucks, way too many manipulative negative people there and I do not see the value of getting that world involved. I try to stay away from humans as much as possible when it comes to intimacy because I do not trust humans. So my the one needs to be a rare human understands and feels the same, or at least in a compatible way (I am open to learning and growing and understanding and compromising, especially since I love nothing more than giving and helping and avoiding people makes giving and helping more challenging).

Maybe posting this here is a start. Maybe it's a continuance. Maybe it's nonsense.

Maybe. Maybe I'm wrong.