Seriously, Time?

Genius or madness, mostly, ramble. Sometimes like this, other times, like that, whatever that is. You want a that? Ask. The mind wanders relatively anywhere and provides the appearance of blithering idiocy scribbling meaningless babble without rhyme nor reason, but somewhere in there is so much profound sensitivity, honesty, and love, it will burn right through any thing it touches, especially lies or delusion, which is why it doesn't come out much. Human brain cells are just not ready for what goes on in that head. Human beings are just not ready for it, so play at being a fool, fat blubbering dodo, so they all ignore what they fear. That way I don't have to actually conform and interact, which requires conformity. See how repeatedly mundane and dull it can be when and whenever? Redundantly, poof...

and it's gone.

Still, the wish someone could handle the madness remains the deepest dream, in spite of existing only in shattered pieces for so long now. That's not me, by the way, it's one of the others I call mine from time to time. Look it up. So we'll stop now, hoping this is not already too much, like below, and most everything else around here. Below was good though, wasn't it? You'll just have to look that up too.

Thanks for caring.