Hope (How I Love)

I hope someday to find someone who understands how I love
The way I care, the way I share, the way I choose to live without fear
I hope someday find someone who lives the dream I’m dreaming of
Then we could make that dream come true
I wonder if that someone could be you?

I hope someday to find someone who understands the way I feel
The way I live, the way I give, our survival depends on it
What we need to do is choose to do it to make it real
Then we could all truly live in peace
And enjoy The full power of our lives release

Don’t give into fear
Fear only leads to confusion and hate
Logic disappears
That leaves you in a dangerous state
Just empower your love
The awareness that can bring
Will let you understand
You are part of every thing

And you can do good, you can do harm, it is a simple choice
And it is a choice that you make with your hands and your voice
You can shirk the responsibility, pretend you have no control
And depend on others outside of yourself to somehow protect your body and soul

You can believe anything you want to believe
You can deny everything that is true
But in the end whether you see it or not
It has all been up to you
Everything you do is up to you.

I hope someday to find someone who understands how I love
The way I share, the way I care, way I won’t give into fear
Together we could Live a life we all dream of
And it wouldn’t come out of the blue
It would simply be doing what’s true.

Love is stronger than fear
Love feels better than fear
Love is why we are here
We can all be aware
of how good it feels to care
All we have to do is share.
And choose love over fear.