I Could Have Loved You

I could have loved you
but it would have been ordinary
and I want extraordinary
so I remain alone

I could have loved you
in generosity and kindness
but it also needed blindness
so I remain on my own

for I will not close my eyes
I will not turn off my senses
I will be all I can be
and live in the present tenses
conformity is not for me
truth needs no defenses
unconditional love
without all the pretenses
is all I want in this life for all time
make anything you want out of this rhyme

I could have loved you
but you couldn't understand me
in the end you would demand me
to fit in with your crowd

I could have loved you
but you would have had a ghost
of a chance at the most
to speak the truth aloud

when you no longer depend
on delusion for a friend
when the sky high above
is not where you look for love
when mind in your brain
can overcome any pain
and overcome all fear
you may start coming near
to the peace and security
alive and well in me

is all there can be
without honesty
illusion's all you see

is all you get from me
if that scares you
just let me be

I could have loved you
if you could share