Care Less?

As if, could you care less? Probably, I mean, anything is possible, but if you are an ordinary average human being, you are doing a great job of screwing yourself and all life on this planet in most everything you do or support and that is one big reason I don't expect to ever find a soulmate on this planet, for I don't want any more suicidal tendencies in my intimate space than I already have. I did update this profile, but is that really throwing caution to the winds? Only sarcastically. I will most likely forget I reached out after a few weeks of silence. I welcome (occasionally ain't too proud to beg) someone to shock me by staring into my eyes until they actually see me and shock me by sticking around consistently enough to earn my trust, but then, who cares that much?

Don't let the cavalier nonchalance fool you, it really hurts like hell.

Narf. :)